Pricelist Of The Empire City Thu Thiem District 2 HCMC

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Pricelist of Empire City Thu Thiem D2


Empire City’s Information

Empire City is a project that combines many items such as; a high - classic commercial area, an international standard five-star hotel area, offices, and luxury apartments on Mai Chi Tho Street, it will bring many great benefits for you. 

After completion, Empire City will be the tallest building project with 88 floors and the investors are a Joint Venture between Keppel Land (Singapore) - Tran Thai - Tien Phuoc (Vietnam), and Gaw Capital was built on the land with a total area of 14.5ha with nearly 4000 apartments.

Dự án Empire city

Empire City

Project: Empire City

Address: Mai Chi Tho Street. Thu Thiem, Thu Duc City

Investor: De Vuong Company ( Keppel Land - Tran Thai - Tien Phuoc Joint Venture) & Gaw Capital 

Designer: KPF & Buro Ole Scheeren 

Construction Unit: Hoa Binh & Cental Cons

Management unit: CBRE

Scale: 11 blocks and 88- story observation tower, more than 3000 apartments excluding offices, hotels, shophouses,...

Total floor area: 14.5ha

Building density: 49.8%

Starting construction: Quarter IV/2022

Contact for consultation: 0707.247.369


System of perfection with five-star utilities and services. 

Utilities are one of 5 essential elements to consider carefully before choosing a long-term place to live and invest. 


Empire Observation Tower with 88 floors 

It is called Empire 88 and is considered to be a great step to change the city's planning thanks to its architecture that blends with nature and surpasses Landmark 81 to become the tallest observation in Vietnam 

The observation Empire City

The observation of Empire City

Designed by the unit to integrate nature and a strongly developed city, it has become a great building with 3 buildings 333m high. Empire 88 will include housing, apartments, a hotel, and a public observatory. 


The image of the tower is designed in the form of stairs interspersed with many plants like a beautifully natural picture 


The podium - the place to connect the building and the ground is the most unique with the design has terraced fields combined with hills to make everything become charmed and enchanted by the nature


The podium with many plants

The podium with many plants

In addition, 2 buildings will be the offices, apartments, and community living area connected to commercial service and entertainment areas. 

“Nature is so wonderful. Attitude to nature is a measure of the sustainability of the building” - Ole Scheeren said, so nature is the most important thing for designers for this project. 


Olympic standard overflow swimming pool 

The system of great utilities at Empire City, can not ignore two Olympic standard overflow swimming pools with massage jacuzzi, jacuzzi, and a swimming area for kids

  • 50m overflow swimming pool on the second floor

  • 25m overflow swimming pool on the fifth floor

The overflow swimming pool

The overflow swimming pool 

In addition, there are relaxing lounge areas, and saunas with full services to create the most relaxing place without going anywhere.


The Central Square and riverside park 

Once again, the most important thing about Empire City is the plants and natural areas. The places with the most plants are the central square and riverside park with more than 60 % of trees to help people regulate the air and enjoy a relaxing break. 

The central of Empire City

The central of Empire City 


The central square is considered a district 1 mini version because it has full services without having to spend time traveling or thinking about where to go, what to do and what to eat. 

the central square of Empire

The central square of the Empire

Indoor and outdoor utilities 

Every building has an indoor and outdoor sports place for people to improve their health such as a gym, tennis court, jogging track,... and of course, with the luxury project, every tool has the best quality. 


Indoor and outdoor kids' play areas are definitely here. For children, the play area will be designed with entertaining and dynamic games for them to enjoy after a long studying day. 


The BBQ area to reunite with the family and friends. With a covered outdoor space, you can comfortably enjoy parties. 


External utilities 

A central place of Thu Thiem Island - is Thu Thiem New Urban 2, at Mai Chi Tho Highway and Thu Thiem Tunnel. 


Time to connect

  • 5 mins to district 1 - City center by Thu Thiem Tunnel 

  • 8 mins to Binh Thanh district 

  • Easily to connect Thu Duc city by Mai Chi Tho highway 

  • 12 mins to Thao Dien ( District 2), Thu Duc city

  • 15 mins to district 7 


In addition, the project has many utilities such as schools, hospitals, malls, and neighboring administrative units such as TAS, AIS international schools, Vincom Mega Mall, Vinmec, Cantavil…


Location of Empire Thu Thiem 

Until now, Empire is said to be the most classy urban area in HCMC with the tallest observation tower in Vietnam with 88 floors 

Empire City's location

Empire City's location 

The location at Mai Chi Tho st, Thu Thiem, District 2, HCMC - the greatest center area of Thu Thiem 


Empire City has a view of district 1 and this place is also a strongly grown area with a complex of large high-class commercial centers, five-star hotels, offices, etc…

The special thing is Thu Thiem 2 Urban, which is oriented by the State and the People's Committee of HCMC as the newest center of the city 

Quick connection with District 1 and many districts, and provinces. 

  • 5 mins to district 1 - City center by Thu Thiem Tunnel 

  • 8 mins to Binh Thanh district 

  • Easily to connect Ha Noi highway 

  • 12 mins to Thao Dien ( District 2), Thu Duc city

  • 15 mins to Phu My Hung, District 7 

  • Especially, so nearly to connect Saigon River 


Construction progress of Empire:

According to the project information provided, Empire City started construction in 2016. until now, after 6 years, the project is gradually being completed and has been opened for sale 


Specific construction progress:

Linden Residences (MU4) has been open for sale since 2016 and is still in the process of handing over apartments to customers. 

Tilia Residences (MU7) has been open for sale since 2017 and is in the process of completing construction and completing furniture. 

Cove Residences (MU11) has been open for sale since 2018 and has just been topped off by the contractor on 14/01/2021. After 1 year, Cove is in the final stage of construction and on schedule. And has been successfully opened for sale. 

Narra Residences (MU8) has been open for sale since 2019 and is currently in the construction phase of the pile foundation

Empire City's specific construction progress

Empire City's specific construction progress 

Photo and video clip: 

For the Empire project, there are many types of apartments with different areas including:

  • 1 bedroom apartment: 50-60m2 

The luxury living room

The luxury living room 


The large  bedroom

The large bedroom


  • 2 bedroom apartment: 90 - 100m2

The living room

The living room 


The bedroom was designed

The bedroom was designed 

  • 3 bedroom apartment: 120 - 150m2

The living room with modern styleThe living room with modern style

The bedroom with big windowsThe bedroom with big windows

  • 4 bedroom apartment: 160 - 170m2

The luxury apartmentThe luxury apartment

A basic style for apartmentA basic style for apartment

  • Duplex apartment: 160m2

A large space

A large space 

Another space in apartment

Another space in the apartment 

The large space is so easy to decor

The large space is so easy to decor

Penthouse apartment: 300m2


Note: The price can change depending on the floor and the view 


Factors that affect the selling price 

Location at the center of  Thu Thiem Urban

Empire City is currently located in Thu Thiem Urban Area - which is being evaluated as a place that is and will strongly develop, especially in real estate. Moreover, the location of the Empire has 2 fronts of the Saigon River, convenient to Districts 1,4, 7, and Binh Thanh.


Civilized and luxurious population


Empire is located next to high-class projects such as The Metropole Thu Thiem, Sala urban area, and Eco Smart City, .. contributing to increasing the value of the urban area.

Strong upside potential

The biggest advantage of the project is the value of the transportation network system linked to the districts, the potential for the price increase is expected to be high in the future. In the past 3 years, many projects increased up to 50% of the value of apartments in a short time


5-star standard utilities

At the project, the investor has put in many 5-star standard utility items such as sports area, community living area, and entertainment park, ... especially the utilities here always focus on quality, quantity, and green space.


Top investors and strategic partners

This is a super project which is a joint venture between Keppel Land, Tien Phuoc, Tran Thai, and Gaw Capital Partner. These are the leading companies in Vietnam right now

The project's sublease potential

At the moment, Empire City has 2 main customer groups:


Buy an apartment in the form of a bank loan

These customers usually have savings and want to invest in the project, so they borrow more at the bank.


After they buy the apartment, they will rent it out every month and only need to add a small amount of money each month to pay the bank interest.


After 7-8 years they were able to own an apartment and the value of the apartment has increased much more than when it was owned.


Buy an apartment with idle money

This group of customers will usually have an amount of money that they do not need to invest or do anything, so they choose to buy an apartment to rent out.


And every month, their apartment will make a large profit in the form of rental.


Loan support bank

Techcombank supports loans for the project up to 70% of the apartment value


How to contact

Hotline: 0707.247.369 for specific payment policy advice


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to see the house live? how to contact us?

Pihomes always supports free live viewing 24/7.


Customers who want to receive advice, answer questions as well as view the house, contact us via: Hotline: 0707.247.369


Is Empire City for foreigners to buy?

According to the investor's regulations, currently, Empire City will have long-term ownership for Vietnamese and 50 years for foreigners.


Types of apartments in Empire City? Area?

For the Empire City project, there are many types of apartments in different areas including:


  • 1 bedroom apartment: 50 - 60m2

  • 2 bedroom apartment: 90 - 100m2

  • 3 bedroom apartment: 120 - 150m2

  • 4-bedroom apartment: 160 - 170m2

  • Duplex apartment: 160m2

  • Penthouse apartment: 300m2


The selling price of Empire City apartments?

Note: The price of the empire city apartment in Ho Chi Minh City can change up and down depending on the market, view direction as well as utilities, so the price of the empire city apartment in Saigon we provide is for reference only.


  • The selling price of a 1-bedroom apartment from 6.2 billion VND

  • The selling price of a 2-bedroom apartment from 9.3 billion VND

  • The selling price of a 3-bedroom apartment from 12.6 billion VND

  • The selling price of a 4-bedroom apartment from 36 billion VND